About The Artist

Richard Hart, acclaimed pencil artist

Richard Hart’s creative journey in art started as soon as he could hold a crayon. By second grade it became apparent he was a child prodigy and was the first and last child allowed to enroll into an advanced, adult only, art institute at the age of 8. Obviously the talent was there but the dedication was hindered by Hart’s obsession with wanting to play sports. So much so that after graduating college with a degree in fine arts he put the art supplies down to pursue a career in sports related industries like fitness publishing, sports nutrition and motorcycle racing. It was at his last job where artist/owner Troy Lee of Troy Lee Designs played a role in inspiring art again. 

Initially Hart drew childhood sports hero’s and images he was interested in not realizing the gravity of his talent until through social media, Hart’s drawings went viral. For example, his moderate following of 300 on instagram shot up to 47,000. His Facebook following maxed out at 5,000 and he was forced to get a public account for new people interested in his work. This all occurred in under 2 years and launched an unplanned, professional art career.

Hart is collected by art patrons from around the world and well known for his photo realistic drawing on large scale format. Richard’s visual interpretation of people and pets are unparalleled in his custom art. He has developed and perfected a signature technique many graphite aficionados follow.

Richard Hart has created the illusion of being an overnight success due to the short period of time his work became popular. In reality he is able produce exemplary content amazingly fast. Many confuse his obsessive trait for being a workaholic when in reality he is passion driven and easily puts in 80 hours a week.

Prominent Work

  • Kid Ory commission for the Ory House Jazz Museum in Louisiana
  • Custom art and over 30 prints in the Rusty Hibbs Motorcycle Museum in Michigan
  • Original art on casual wear for Troy Lee Designs as well as on display at their HQ
  • Custom art for Bon Jovi lead guitarist Phil X
  • Custom art portrait of 10 time X Games champion Pat Casey for family after his passing. Also used on his memorial head stone
  • Art worn by X Game gold medalist Brady Baker when he won 2023
  • Special invitee to Laguna Beach annual Makers and Grinders event
  • Custom portrait for NHL super star Tage Thompson

Hart at home

Richard is married to professional artist Lara Hart and they enjoy spending time together creating art.