IkSteve McQueen
The research I did on this image indicated it was taken of Steve McQueen 
between takes on the set of The Great Escape. A few argued it was his stunt 
double Bud Edkins who did the fence jump shown in the movie. It looks like 
McQueen to me. I was not able to find who captured the original shot. 
This is a commission piece I did for Riley Smith’s birthday of his 
late, best friend Carter Reed. It will hang in their lake house where
they enjoyed hanging out. 
This is a commission piece for my friend Suzie. It was a birthday 
gift to her husband of their dog Brodie.  
Danny "Magoo" Chandler #4
My largest effort to date. Roughly 3ft X 4ft of Danny “Magoo” Chandler
at Sears Point Raceway. A privateer at the time he was beating all the 
factory riders and the fans were going crazy. Photographer Marv Knox 
captured this image and wanted to memorialize in graphite. 
This was commissioned by Ralph Chisholm. It’s of him and his grandson 
on 18x22 paper.
Commission for Colleen West for her friend Shae Hatfield. 18x22
Ray Charles
Ray Charles. 18x22
Danny "Magoo" Chandler #3
Danny Chandler 18x22
Kevin Windham #1
Kevin Wyndham 18x22
David Bailey #2
David Bailey 22x30
Paul Newman and Robert Redford
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 18x22
Kid Ory
Given to the Kid Ory Museum in LaPlace Louisiana. 22x30
Commission for John Daughtry of himself racing at Mills Road MX. 18x22
Roger DeCoster #2
Roger DeCoster in the France GP 1978
Kevin Windham #2
Kevin Windham 18x22
Steve Stackable
Steve Stackable. Image originally captured by Mike Lagaza 18x22
Justin Barcia
Justin Barcia 18x22
Commission for Riley Smith of Carter Reed 18x22
Commission for Charlene Campbell of her Dad. 18x22
Pete Sullivan
Commission for Pete Sullivan of himself testing in California. 18x22
Marty Moates
Marty Moates racing Mammoth Mountain 18x22
Danny "Magoo" Chandler #2
First year pro image of Danny Chandler. 18x22
Gary Huber
Marty Smith #2
David Bailey #1
Warren Reid
Gaylon Mosier
Danny LaPorte
Mike Bell
Jeff Ward #2
Mark Barnett
Tony Distefano
Jimmy Weinert
Kent Howerton
Broc Glover
Marty Smith #1
Mount Rushmore
Roger DeCoster #1